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Haulternative - The not-so-wasteful alternatives

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

ANTI-HAUL: Homecoming Mums

Alternative: real flower corsages..?

ANTI-HAUL: Egglettes

Alternative: these things have AWFUL reviews, so skip them all together. If you eat eggs, peel them normally. If you're interested in a more ethical lifestyle, then cut out mass produced eggs. I'm not fully opposed to backyard chicken eggs.

ANTI-HAUL: Excessive Returns.

Alternative: Try on clothing in store. If you purchase something online, read their sizing chart and take your measurements.

ANTI-HAUL: Plastic Leaf Bags going to Landfill

Alternative: there are also plenty of paper bags out there to put your leaves in! They KEY here, is making sure all of that perfectly usable natural material gets composted and given back to the earth instead of sitting in a landfill!

ANTI-HAUL: Disposable Camera

Alternative: there are SO many obvious alternatives to this. Your phone? Always remember to buy second hand tech (second hand tech guide here)

A GoPro. If you're trying to get action or underwater shots, investing in a GoPro is so worth it.

ANTI-HAUL: Single Use Toothbrush.

Alternative: Carry a toothbrush in your bag! Or brush your teeth before you head to have them worked on. I highly recommend a Brush with Bamboo toothbrush!

ANTI-HAUL: Skincare Fridge

Alternative: find a cute little basket second hand and store all of your skincare that needs to be refrigerated in a designated spot in your fridge.


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