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What Else Am I Working On?

I am always working on multiple projects at once and I would love to share them with you! You can see the projects that are currently public here and stay tuned for other things in the works! 

Have another project idea? Tell me all about it! Contact me here.

Ecopreneur Podcast Host

I am the host of "The Rise of The Ecopreneur Podcast" created by Ubuntoo. 

Ubuntoo is a global collaboration platform to scale impactful innovations that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
A centralized intelligence platform with powerful search, crowd expertise, personalized newsfeeds, discussion forums, social tools and more.
Connecting key stakeholders from startups, academics, governmental agencies, corporations, NGOs and sustainability subject matter experts.

The podcast is created for the eco- conscious. Ecopreneurs, academics, environmental experts, corporate stakeholders, and anyone passionate about sustainability will find the podcast engaging, interesting and compelling.
I speak to environmental change-makers each week whose research, campaigns, and innovations are helping to create a more sustainable future.
Featured guests discuss their early relationship with the environment, their inspiration to a green career, "aha moments," and lessons they learned along the way.
Each episode offers actionable advice and ways to get involved.

Low Impact Movement Contributor

The Low Impact Movement (LIM) is an educational platform that uses social media to launch campaigns in an attempt to help reduce both personal waste and spread awareness on the waste pandemic. 

We use Instagram and YouTube to launch social media campaigns on different educational topics, as well as 30 day challenges to help people assess and reduce their waste.

The waste movement is growing and we are having a huge impact. Together we can empower consumers to change their habits, fight for a cleaner planet and put pressure on those who can effect real change.

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Ethical Writers & Creatives Member


Ethical Writers & Creatives is a group of bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, photographers, influencers and other creatives who seek to improve the world with their work, plus raise the standards for honesty and transparency in the influencer industry.

With members across the globe, we support, share information with, give advice to, and collaborate on projects with each other and with brands and companies who share our vision. We recognize that ethical and sustainable living, leadership, and activism is a journey, not a destination, and so do not define what “ethical” means, only that it may include the fields of sustainability, social justice, or animal rights. We expect and require that members are honest and fair with their followers, clients, and each other, and always balance personal success and influence with an understanding of how their work impacts people, animals and the planet.


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