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Welcome to my FAQ page! I decided to make a page completely dedicated to all of the questions I am frequently asked during Q&A sessions, emails, etc. This page is meant to serve as a permanent source of reference for your sustainability-related questions. Seeing as there are so many questions, this page will be updated as frequently as possible. Have more questions that I haven't addressed yet? Feel free to contact me by clicking here and hit drop those questions! 

How do I change my friend's and family's minds about sustainability?

  •  Check out my video on how I approached this here

Am I vegan?

  • I do not consider myself vegan. I do eat a plant based/climatarian diet. More details here

Should I get a degree in environmental studies?

  • Click here to find out more. 

How do I make sustainable choices for my cat?

  • Here's what you need to know.

Do you have any advice for kids? Children? Babies?

  • I personally do not like to speak on topics I do not have experience in. I think there are plenty of others who do have experience that you can look to for advice rather than my second hand attempt. Some day when I have children of my own I will be able to give this advice! 

What sustainable, aluminum-free deodorant do you recommend?

  • While there are so many options to choose from, Native has consistently performed well for me! I also love that they now offer plastic-free packaging! While all of their scents are amazing, my favorite happens to be Charcoal. Looking to buy their product online? Use my code "SHELBI25" for 25% off your order. 

What books do you recommend for learning more about sustainability? 

  • Check out my reading list here! NOTE: If you're looking to read the book, I highly recommend checking your local library or purchasing the E-Book if it's available. Absolutely need your own physical copy? Shop used! 

How did you meet your partner? How long have you been together? Who proposed? Was she an environmentalist before you? How did you come out?

  • Check out my playlist of videos addressing these questions here.

What are your favorite size-inclusive sustainable brands?

  • Check out my post here.

What are your thoughts on the increased waste due to COVID-19? 

  • Find out my thoughts here.

How do I write to businesses & policy makers?

  • I have a guide to help here.


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