My name is Shelbi, otherwise known as Shelbizleee on YouTube and my channel  focuses on eco-friendly living. I have a passion for making sustainability an attainable goal to the average consumer by demonstrating how to do so step-by-step. 

My journey began in high school when I attended a summer camp that focused on the natural environment and the impacts that humans have had on our ecosystems.

My passion for "saving the environment" began in high school and continued through my education at university. I pursued my Bachelors in Environmental Science in hopes of creating change from the top down in our social and governmental systems. 

However, after two years in the work force, I realized that I could make much more of a difference by creating a community around the causes I believe in. I started creating content around my journey to the most eco-friendly lifestyle possible in order to find that supportive community. 

More recently, I have created a community of over 160,000 subscribers and created more than 300 videos dedicated to my lifestyle.


Not only am I an expert in sustainable lifestyle choices, I also hold a Bachelor's of Science degree in Environmental Science from Texas A&M University. 

Other Credentials and Affiliations

Interested in working with me, collaborating, or just have a question about sustainability? Let me know in the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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