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Thrift Away in Austin, Texas

If you enjoy thrifting even half as much as I do, you will absolutely love these six gems that will make you never want to go back to traditional shopping. 

Goodwill on Parmer 

This is hands down my favorite thrift store and I’ve tried to gatekeep it for as long as possible but I’m telling you here, now, that this is one the best thrift stores in the Austin area. Goodwill, while very underrated, is actually one of the best places to find the cutest items at a cheap price. Goodwill’s sustainability efforts, specifically recycling, have diverted over 2,000 tons of waste from entering a landfill. So while I definitely tried to keep this place to myself, now is the time. Definitely make a stop by the Goodwill on Parmer for some killer deals. 

Buffalo Exchange 

If you’ve been to any other BE, I PROMISE this one is better. And, if you happen to have time to make the drive over to San Antonio, there’s a BE outlet there. They get their stock from all of the BEs on the East Coast and nothing is over $7!! Since opening in 1974, BE's mission has been to reduce landfill waste by both recycling and upcycling items to be used secondhand and has successfully carried out this mission since then. If you are looking for both a fun and cheap shopping experience, BE is the way to go. 

The Blue Hangar

We have 2 of these in Austin and it’s an adventure every time. This is where clothing that is not sold at other Goodwill's comes for its final chance to be taken home. The clothing is priced by the pound (check on their site for the current cost) so you can find some absolute GEMS, and have so much fun on an actual scavenger hunt. 

Austin Pets Alive Thrift 

Beginning as a company built upon the hope of helping homeless animals in Central Texas, APA has beautifully transformed into a two-story thrift store where the treasure hunt for pure gold truly never ends. Not only does their incredible collection of secondhand clothing prevent waste, but with 100% of ALL net proceeds going toward homeless animals at risk of euthanasia, you’re not only supporting the sustainability industry but also giving homeless animals around the Austin area a second chance at a better life. This is definitely a thrift no one in Austin should pass up. 


Thriftland is yet another amazing thrift shop to stop by on your visit to Austin, Texas. Filled with bright colors and thousands of new items daily, Thriftland keeps items affordable with constant sales on the floor, a Sale of the Day, and customers can always find items in the 50% off section. Thriftland’s goal at all four locations across the U.S. is to limit the 85% of textiles and 15 million tons that enter landfills each year and increase the number of recycled clothes from 15% to 100%. So, if you are in the Austin area and are looking for an abundance of affordable, secondhand clothing, stop by Thriftland. 

Assistance League Thrift House 

The Assistance League is an organization based on donations from the Austin community. These donations include furniture, clothing, tools, office and house supplies, books, and much more. In addition to obtaining local secondhand items, the Assistance League also serves as a volunteer-based organization that provides high-quality items to the community. The organization also serves as a major source of income for the league’s philanthropic programs while also contracting with other non-profits to distribute excess income. If you are looking to support an organization that gives back to the community, stop by Assistance League. 


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