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Where to Purchase Second Hand Electronics

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

While everyone is obsessed with having the latest technology, it’s important to stop and think about the impact that it has on our environment. A lot of energy and product goes into making new electronics. So when we become so consumed with buying the latest gadgets that we don’t bother to recycle the old, we end up contributing to waste. This is where “Reuse” comes into play in the cycle of sustainability. Reusing anything whether it be electronics, clothing, even paper, eliminates the waste that ends up in landfills and decreases the need to send these products for recycling. It also decreases the amount of pollution and greenhouse gasses emitted to create these products.

Often times we don’t realize that reusing products and buying second hand is an option that is just as fantastic as buying new, especially with electronics! Rather than throwing away your two year old laptop or cell phone, why not try and sell it? Or rather than buying the latest iPhone, why not wait a bit for a refurbished or used model; after all, the software changes are typically minimal. Buying second hand also doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting a defective product. Many manufacturers take the time to fix these refurbished products and make them as new for a fraction of the cost! Talk about saving money and using a product to its fullest extent!

Trademore is the perfect place to turn for second-hand iPhones, other smarts phones, tablets, and even Apple watches. They're different from other second-hand tech sellers because all of their devices are rated with a 100% inspection score (many retailers seller second-hand tech on a sliding scale from good condition to excellent condition.) Trademore has a 30-point functional and cosmetic inspection for quality, reliability, and functionality. When you buy devices through Trademore, it's certified so you don't have to settle. You can receive your order quickly via free 2-day shipping and they have tracking so you can rest assured your item is safe right up until it makes it to your doorstep.

You can also sell & trade your old devices with Trademore, or use their recycling page to find a recycler near you.


Compared to buying brand new, the cost varies on how popular the product is and how new it is on the market. For instance, an iPhone X will cost a bit more than an iPhone 7 on this website, however, the cost is still a few hundred dollars cheaper than buying a completely new version of either model!

Warranty/Return Policy: Trademore accept returns requests within 30 days from order date, as long as its the item we shipped you and in the same condition. They will provide a prepaid return label through UPS. They do not currently accept exchanges.

Gazelle is a fantastic place to buy and/or sell second hand electronics! It has a wide range of electronic models available for top brands such as Apple and Samsung. Practically all of the models come with different options such as color, carrier, storage, and cosmetic condition. Of course these options depend on availability.

Not only can you buy second hand electronics on Gazelle, but you can also sell items. Simply create an account, and find your item on their website. Please note though: if it’s not on the website, it cannot be sold through Gazelle. However, if your item is on Gazelle, simply answer a few questions about the condition of the product (be honest), Gazelle will make you an offer, then complete the checkout process which includes your preferred method of payment! Once your item has been received, Gazelle will inspect your items and pay you. Another thing to note is that Gazelle DOES NOT sell STOLEN OR LOST items! Check them out here.


Compared to buying brand new, the cost varies on how popular the product is and how new it is on the market. For instance, an iPhone X will cost a bit more than an iPhone 7 on this website, however, the cost is still a few hundred dollars cheaper than buying a completely new version of either model!

Warranty/Refund Policy:

Gazelle does provide warranties through a third party company called WarrantyLife. Warranty plans can be added to eligible items before the checkout process. Should you need to file a claim, it can be done online at Gazelle’s return policy states that they do accept return requests for 30 days after delivery so long as the item is in the same condition it was prior to delivery. Please note that should you return an item and the return be accepted, a $15 restocking fee will be deducted from the original payment source.

Amazon is another great website to buy second hand electronics. Often times you can find the item sold directly from Amazon’s new shop called Amazon Renewed. This shop allows you to buy pre-owned, refurbished, and open-box items that have been professionally inspected, fixed, and tested to ensure quality performance. All of the products undergo several quality control tests and cleaning processes. The products have no visible cosmetic damage and almost always come in a generic box with accessories that typically arrive in the new version of the product. Of course there are some exceptions but that is always discussed on the details page when purchasing the item.

You can also buy from individual sellers on Amazon. However, please be aware that not everyone is an honest seller! Always, always, always check reviews and seller’s ratings before purchasing. Don’t be afraid to post questions on the product page for other customers to answer! Also, if you’re unsure of anything about the product or need more information, definitely reach out to the seller! You can definitely spot a sketchy seller through the way they communicate with their customers!


Through Amazon Renewed, the cost of second hand items compared to brand new can be pretty significant. It can be anywhere from 25-60% cheaper than the newer model on the market! You definitely can get more bang for your buck with this shop!

Warranty/Return Policy:

If you receive a defective product, you are eligible for either a replacement or refund within the 90 day period from purchase. Unfortunately, stolen or items accidentally damaged by the customer are not covered by this guarantee.

Warranties are available to purchase for nearly all items in the Amazon Renewed shop. When purchasing an item eligible for warranty, simply add the desired warranty plan to cart!

As for warranties from individual sellers, always look for it on the product page or contact the seller before purchasing!

Can you sell on Amazon?

Items sold through Amazon Renewed come from suppliers who are qualified manufacturers, or specialized third-party refurbishers. These companies undergo are required to meet strict criteria and performance targets in order to sell through this shop. Unless you’re one of these manufacturers, you can’t sell product through Amazon Renewed. However, you can sell through your own Amazon page!

eBay is another website that allows you to both buy and sell second hand electronics. Many of the sellers on this site are individual and not from actual retailers/companies.

Similar to other sites, I would recommend expressing caution when purchasing anything from eBay since the items are not sold by authorized retailers. Always check the reviews and seller’s ratings before making a purchase! Also, read the description thoroughly and follow up with the seller if you have any questions before purchasing. Not everyone is an honest seller and it’s best to cover all of your bases before handing your money to someone who could be scamming you.


Cost varies widely when buying from places such as Amazon and eBay. It’s entirely up to the seller to decide what to charge for items. Typically second hand electronics are several hundred dollars cheaper than buying a newer model, though! Depending on the item being sold, some sellers will host auctions so there’s room to negotiate prices as well!

Also practice caution when looking at prices for items. For example, if an individual claims to be selling the latest iPhone for $300 when it’s typically on the market for $900+, and they’re claiming it’s in flawless condition, it’s probably too good to be true. Basically, be aware of reasonable price ranges for second hand versions of the specific model you’re looking for and don’t give in to prices that are too good to be true. You can always be sure to read reviews on the seller so take advantage of that!

Warranty/Refund Policy:

As for returns and refunds eBay has a Money Back Guarantee program. Nearly all purchases are covered by this guarantee. Eligibility for this guarantee occurs when the buyer doesn’t receive their purchase, if they receive an item that does not match the listing, or if they receive an item that’s broken or faulty. Sellers typically work with eBay to resolve issues, but if the seller who sold the item to you isn’t cooperating or has surpassed the 3 day return turnaround mandated by eBay, eBay is able to intervene and help!

Unfortunately eBay and many sellers do not have warranty options on items they sell. This is primarily because many sellers are not authorized retailers. However, if you’re really wanting warranty on the product you’re buying, it’s best to look elsewhere such as Gazelle or Amazon Renewed.

Swappa is another good website for buying second hand electronics! Swappa allows you to buy and sell directly with other users. In order to sell merchandise on Swappa, sellers must meet the listing requirements and pass an approval process before they’re allowed to advertise their items. Swappa definitely has a large variety of brand items to buy from such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. You can even find video games and cameras on this website too!


The cost ultimately depends on the seller, the item you’re buying, and the condition of it. You’ll definitely be saving several hundred dollars off the market value though! In addition, all transactions are done via Paypal. This format acts as an extra layer of buyer and seller security. As the company states, “You either get what was advertised or you get a refund. Period.”

Warranty/Refund Policy:

Similar to eBay, since the items are sold through individual sellers and not authorized retailers, warranties are not available. However, if you do end up receiving an item that did not match the listing, the buyer is entitled to a full refund. If the buyer were to return an item that was not defective, but more of a “buyer's remorse” return, the seller is not entitled to provide a refund. In addition, the buyer would also be responsible for any additional fees such as shipping.


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