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Zero Waste Shampoo

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

There are several essentials that we go through on a monthly basis. Meaning, the traditional model is to buy a plastic bottle of shampoo, use it, and throw it away multiple times throughout a year. But wha are the alternatives to this model? Here are X zero waste shampoo alternatives.

1.) Shampoo Bars

There are so many options for shampoo bars out there that there is no way I would ever be able to include them all, but I will try!

- Badger *sf

- Lush

sf = sulfate free

2.) Refillable Bottles

Refillable/ reusable bottles create a circular economy as opposed to the current linear system. This model is not overly utilized at this time, but here are your options.

3.) DIY Options

A few DIY options are available for your hair care needs. Not all will work for each person and their needs, but here are the options.

- Baking Soda & Vinegar

see more DIYs here.

4.) Other Options

There are a few other options if none of the above products suit your fancy. From more sustainable packaging like glass, to refusing to use shampoo all together.

- No Poo: You can skip shampoo all together! This might be a lengthy process to get your hair used to this change, but many people have found this to be an excellent alternative. This way you are not only skipping the packaging, but the manufacturing of shampoo all together.

ex: Sustainably Vegan and her No Poo experience -

- Shampoo in glass packaging that you can reuse, find some here.

- Shampoo from bulk package free. If you are lucky enough to have a package free shop where you can take your own bottles to refill this is an excellent option.

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Eleanore Steinhouse

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