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Zero Waste Hair Ties

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Kooshoo uses 75% organic cotton and 25% natural rubber to create their hair elastics. They are also ethically made in California and use US grown organic cotton. The actual production (weaving, dying, cutting, sewing and distribution) happens in L.A. No fuel intensive overseas shipping, no outsourcing. 

Made with natural rubber extracted from rubber trees and organic cotton. They are a great choice because they are biodegradable at the end of their life.

Miakoda created their zero waste scrunchie using small fabric scraps that are created during the cutting process of garment production and elastic that’s been sitting in the office for over a year with no use.

Fabric: Made 100% From Scrap Materials + deadstock elastic

These scrunchies are made from upcycled materials—the same soft fabric from our TreeBlend t-shirts. Upcycled TreeBlend: 45% Recycled Polyester, 30% Tencel® Lyocell, 25% Organic Cotton

All ChariTee's products are made from recycled, reclaimed, renewable materials, and are designed and produced with the lowest possible impact on the earth. c.HAIR.i.TEE® hair accessories are made from the fabrics from charitable resale shops, supporting local businesses and contributing to a more sustainable environment with less textile waste.

Alternative to hair elastics

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Katurkey Boggess
Katurkey Boggess
Jan 01, 1970

After breaking ever clip I owned for the last 5 years in a weeks time, I was looking for a non plastic lightweight replacement. I have to have my hair up for work, and hair ties pull a little too much for my fine curly hair. My friend gave me a few of her Amish crinkle pins! I had never seen them before but they have been amazing. They are usually handmade, stainless steel pins. I use the 3 inch size and I only ever need 2, but there are other size / non-crinkled options. They look like thin chignon pins, and they never pull, break, or get tangled, even in my fine hair in my hair.

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