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Sustainable Swim Wear

Updated: May 23, 2020

While my favorite season is Autumn, I can't resist a nice Spring and/or Summer day outside by the water. With this change of season and increased water activity also comes a change in wardrobe. Yes my friends, it's swimsuit season! While you don't necessarily need a swimsuit to enjoy these activities (I personally don't always don one) if you are in the market for one keep reading! I'm going to introduce the brands providing you with swimsuits even better than the ones you'd find at Target and Victoria's Secret. What makes them so much better, Shelbi? Well, their sustainability practices of course!

Made Trade is an ever-growing company that is committed to featuring ethically sourced and made products from a variety of sustainable artists. Made Trade's values are to feature brands that are Fair Trade, Heritage, Made in the USA, People of Color Owned, Women Owned, Sustainable, and/or Vegan. Made Trade features a variety of swimsuits from different brands all with different fits, styles, and some with size inclusivity.

Altar is an alternative fashion boutique based out of Portland, Oregon. The women-led company is committed to providing clothing and accessories inspired by the natural beauty of the Midwest. Their sewing shop is literally just down the street from their brick and mortar boutique, allowing for your pieces to be made sustainably and minimizing waste by only making to order. If you're into high-waisted swimsuits with a retro vibe, Altar is perfect for you. Another reason I love Altar is because it's body inclusive with sizes going up to 3XL.

The idea of Londre bodywear was inspired by the creators love for the environment and passion for the ocean. All of their swimwear is made using recycled plastic. To date, they have removed over 70,000 recycled bottles off the streets and beaches of Taiwan to create their pieces. Londre pieces are ethically and locally produced in Vancouver, BC. They have a vast selection of swimsuits to choose from; all very gorgeous! Many of their pieces go up to a size XL and/or XXL and when trying to select a piece, you can see what the suit looks like on different body types.

Vitamin A is a sustainable swimwear brand based out of California. Their swimwear is made using EcoLux, a premium swim fabric made from recycled nylon fibers. The first of it's kind, it's seamless and as if you're wearing a second skin. The company continues its sustainability initiatives by using recycled organic textiles in their product and packaging, and by choosing energy efficient factories. To offset their carbon footprint, they are partnered with One Planted Tree; an organization which plants a tree for every dollar donated. Vitamin A has a HUGE range of swimwear to choose from and many of the pieces come in several colors and styles.

Taje specializes in Brazilian cut swimwear. Their pieces are made using recycled nylon from fishing nets collected in the ocean. The sizing hang tags on the pieces are made from recycled paper while the string is from plants. All of their packaging is made from biodegradable Cassava root, and it's sealed with plastic free paper stickers. Taje has several swimsuit pieces that vary in style but still don that Brazilian high-waist cut!

Stay Wild Swim is a sustainable swimwear brand based out of London. Their swimwear is made by converting regenerated plastic found in the ocean into Italian ECONYL yarn. Their packaging and distribution is also done using sustainable initiatives They feature a wide range of swimwear that gives off both a chic and sporty vibe, and with sizes that go up to a UK 18/US 16.

Here's a list of more brands that feature sustainable swimwear:

Aggie Swimwear (Wide range of styles)

Reformation (Wide range of styles)

Batoko (Wide range of styles, fun prints)

Wild Isles Swim (Specific to D-cup and up bikini tops)

Waterlust (Wide range of styles)


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