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Sustainable Athleisure Even Sporty Spice Would Love

Updated: May 23, 2020

I love to be comfortable. From my social interactions to my daily routine. I also like the clothing I wear to be comfortable. Hate me for it, but I'm one of those individuals who honestly doesn't enjoy wearing jeans unless they're loose and slightly baggy. You can honestly find me wearing athleisure clothing 90% of the time! What I love about athleisure is that it's so versatile nowadays. Wear it to work out, wear it to lounge in, or wear it to go out. The choice is yours! Either way, they're still damn comfortable! Here's a list of my favorite atheleisure:

Girlfriend Collective is a line of sustainable athleisure that I consider to be one of my absolute favorites! Their clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles and fish nets with their signature compression leggings being made out of a whopping 25 plastic bottles alone! In addition to sustainable materials, they also promote fair labor wages and safe conditions, and absolutely no forced or child labor within their factory in Vietnam. To ensure these conditions remain safe, they routinely visit the factory. While I will admit their clothing is a bit pricey, it is worth the investment even if you just get the leggings. They are perfect to work out in and go great with a tunic or oversized blouse! Want to know the best part? THEY ARE SIZE INCLUSIVE! All of their clothing, with the exception of their body suits, goes up to a 6XL while their body suits go up to a XXXL.

tentree is one of my favorite sustainable places to shop because of their mission to plant ten trees for every purchase made! They'll even send you a unique code so that you can see where your trees are planted! tentree has a wide variety of athleisure that is extremely versatile! Not to mention they're all made from recycled material! I highly recommend any of their joggers as they're perfectly roomy and can be worn for exercising or as daily wear!

Pact is a sustainable clothing and home brand based out of Boulder, Colorado that uses organic cotton and other sustainable materials in their production. While they have a variety of clothing that can act as athleisure, the high-waist leggings and skirted leggings are perfect for your exercise needs! Pact also has a clothing donation program called Give Back, Wear Forward. Simply fill a box with gently used clothing and items, request a shipping label from their site and ship! They'll distribute the clothing to five local charities they are partnered with!

People Tree is a UK based sustainable clothing brand. They have different collections that feature a variety of sustainable materials such as organic cotton, TENCEL, and responsibly sourced wool. Much of their clothing is made by using hand weaving, hand embroidery, and hand knitting. People Tree has an entire line of atheleisure that is perfect for working out or even just hanging out! What I enjoy most about their athleisure line is that you can mix the pieces, or purchase the entire matching set!

Alternative Apparel specializes in sustainable clothing for women, children, and men. All of their garments are made with sustainable materials that include but are not limited to organic cotton, post-consumer recycled polyester, and low-impact dyes. In addition, they adhere to the Fair Labor Association guidelines. While their athleisure selection isn't vast, if you're looking for something to wear to lounge or even for low impact exercises like yoga, this is a great place to check out!

Ice Breaker was founded in New Zealand in 1995 on the basis of superfine merino wool that is sourced directly from responsible sources in New Zealand. Their use of merino wool means that it is naturally biodegradable, flame resistant, and resilient. All of their sources are audited to make sure the practices used to harvest the wool are ethical and that the sheep are in good health. Ice Breaker has a wide variety of athleisure wear. You can even filter through categories based on the type of athletic movement you plan on doing. Within each of these categories which include lifestyle, hiking, snow sports, adventure, and training, you'll find many different pieces. From under garments such as sports bras and underwear, to leggings and over coats! So if you're looking for clothing that's meant primarily for athletics, check out Ice Breaker!

Organic Basics is the place to check out if you're looking for simple athleisure wear with no frills, yet still comfortable to wear. The brand employs factories run by families in different parts of the world to help create the clothing. Each of these factories specializes in different pieces made with different forms of recycled material like nylon and cashmere. The brand also has the Organic Basics Fund in which they donate their half of their profits twice per year to grass-roots organizations aiding environmental relief efforts. While they have a page specific to Athleisure wear only, you can also find athleisure types undergarments on their other pages!

Purusha is athleisure company founded and run by two wonderful women, Nadya and Haley. While Nadya sews all of the clothing from her home in Southern California, Haley dyes and prints the clothing from her home in Connecticut. These athleisure is perfect for the yogi in you! In an effort to keep their customers from wearing fabrics with plastic and petroleum byproducts, all of their clothing is made from sustainable eucalyptus and organic cotton. Each item has a description that goes further in depth of the manufacturing process for that specific article of clothing, not to mention they come in stunning designs! In addition, portions of the proceeds go to two children and their villages in Africa through

Yogavated is a US based brand specializing primarily in activewear solely for women. Whether it be sports bras, shorts, compression leggings, or hoodies, they've got what you need! Their clothing also comes in eye catching designs and colors! What I love about the sustainability of this brand is that everything is made in house using material from big box retail brands from across the country. Any scrap material left over from production is repurposed into hang tags, dog beds, reusable rags, free headbands, and much more!

Can't decide if you want athleisure that's built for heavy workouts, yoga, or casual lounging? Check out Prana! Prana has a HUGE selection! What's different about their collection is that it's simple but chic looking. For some reason, the entire selection just screams cozy yet trendy. It just looks so put together! They also feature a good portion of items that go up to a size 3X. Just a disclaimer though: not all of their clothing is made from sustainable material; this is true for the clothing that's considered more daily wear/non-athleisure. While all of their clothing is manufactured through sustainable practices and fair labor, there are still some pieces that do not contain recycled material. Prana informs their customers in their sustainability tab of this. You can also make sure the item you're purchasing is completely sustainable by checking the fabric details on the clothing you're interested in!

Interested in other brands that sell athleisure? Check out these below:

Allerton - Australian based, Women only

Abysse - Women only

Tala - UK Based, Activewear exlcusive

LA Relaxed - Los Angeles based, Women and Men

Satva - Activewear exlcusive, Women, Men, and Children,

Reprise - Women only, Activewear exclusive

NubeUSA - Women only, Activewear exclusive, USA made

Outdoor Voices - Activewear exclusive, Women and Men,

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