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Shopping in Austin

If you are a shopping fanatic like many people in my family, here are some amazing and eco-friendly shops to stop by while in town!

Book Woman 

Book Woman began 45 years ago as a small upstairs shop in Austin, Texas but has since grown into what we see today. The store's objective is to serve as a matchmaker for customers to find their perfect book. So, if you need a perfect match, stop by Book Woman and find the perfect book for you!

Central Library Gift Shop

The Austin Central Library Gift Shop is open 7 days a week and sells branded merchandise, book-themed products, and locally sourced gifts. In addition, all proceeds go to different programs with priorities such as literary advancement, workforce and economic development, STEM, community engagement, inclusion, and staff development. If these are things that you share an interest in, make sure to make a stop by the Central Library Gift Shop!

Austin Creative Reuse 

Austin Creative Reuse is an operation that sells gently used materials that are donated by individuals and businesses. The operation also hosts community events and workshops to keep community members involved in the cause! Make sure to stop by and show your support! 

Blue Genie Art Bazaar 

Blue Genie Art Bazaar sells and supports the work of over 200 local artists who are handpicked from a pool of over 400 applicants every single year. The handmade art is one you should stop to see on your trip to the Austin area!

Slow North 

In Austin since 2015, Slow North has been selling 100% natural and sustainable materials made into things such as candles, socks, home goods, and much more! If you want a warm and cozy stop, make sure to visit Slow North! 

The Herb Bar 

The Herb Bar was opened in Austin in 1986 and currently serves as Austin’s oldest apothecary, which happens to be all-natural. The bar serves a wide variety of products, the most popular including incense, soap, tea, misters, bath salts, and even zero waste totes. If you are in Austin and looking to do some eco-friendly shopping between 12-6 p.m., definitely make a stop by the Herb Bar. 


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