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Leather for all Weather.. but make it SUSTAINABLE

Updated: May 1, 2023


Originally beginning as a company to support women coming out of poverty, Able has empowered women for the past 14 years since their founding. Their products are made with high-quality leather and by investing in their products you are helping to support not only sustainable businesses, but also women around the world. The company was founded in Tennessee but has many partnerships around the world including Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, and Portugal. Their mission throughout the company is to both practice sustainability as well as provide and promote women in the workplace with their current staff of 90% women. Each product is methodically designed for your comfort and in hopes of lasting a lifetime. Because of this, each product by Able is guaranteed for life. They hope that these products will stay in your wardrobe and not end up in a landfill. All leather used by Able is 100% up-cycled from the company’s partners around the world. Along with this, most Able vendors are working toward 100% eco-friendly shipping by using recyclable materials. Able is an eco-friendly option for your personal purchase, or for a gift to a friend. If you are looking for a sustainable business to purchase a leather jacket from, Able should definitely be an option on your list.


Striving for a 100% eco-friendly business, Deadwood takes pride in using materials that would otherwise usually end up in landfills. This company strongly opposes fast fashion by allowing the customers to have multiple options, be sustainable in addition to having a long lasting jacket. All leather used by the company is made from rescued deadstock skins, repurposed vintage clothing and up-cycled post-production waste. A new line within the company has recently hit the stores as the cactus collection. This line was made to give consumers a truly vegan alternative opposed to those that label plastic leather as vegan. Their goal with this collection is to create cruelty free, sustainable products without customers worrying about toxic chemicals that are in other leather jackets. Deadwood is based out of India, and although not yet 100% sustainable, they strive to do the least amount of damage on the environment with their products as well as provide long lasting items that will last a lifetime.


Altiir is an organization inspired by bringing back the ‘rock-n-roll’ fashion much resembling the 1960s fashion. They strive to bring quality products to the market all the while maintaining the lowest possible harm to the environment in the process. Their leather jackets give off the biker vibes with a light and weightless feel. They have many different collections including metallic, natural, and even jackets made out of pineapple. Director of Altiir, Turner-Sutton was reported saying, “It’s become a matter of necessity as much as desire. We have to create sustainable products in ethical and cruelty-free ways if we are to continue to enjoy, and be proud of the pieces we invest in.” By using sustainable materials such as their leather, they are making a positive impact on the environment as well as also promoting social, cultural and ecological development. Altiir is combining innovative technology as well as their sustainable methods to hopefully soon create a 100% eco-friendly product and organization as a whole. This company should most definitely be on your list of sustainable leather jackets!


As fashion remains the one of the world’s most polluting industries, Culthread is trying to combat this norm by not manufacturing their materials and instead using ones that already exist, thus reusing/recycling them. Not only do they pack and send their products in reusable containers, but they either come in a pink or red storage box or gold or silver beach bag made of recycled materials. Their products are transported from Vietnam to Europe with minimal packing to limit harm to the environment. Their motto fits the sustainable definition: No cruel, all craze. Culthread is not a fast fashion organization, but instead, a slow one. This means that they truly care and focus on quality products for their customers so that they will be pleased with them in addition to lasting for a long time. The company was also established to fix small problems and holes in women’s fashion such as pockets. This helps to prioritize women’s needs and also employ many women throughout the company. If you value the same things as Culthread, they may be the perfect fit for you!


The brand known as Noumenon has a special project named “Project Cece” that was made for a sustainability movement through the company. They have over 200 ethical fashion stores in addition to 400 fair trade brands. Noumenon understands the struggle of high quality fashion being priced just as high, but that is why they decided to start project cece. This allows customers to buy high quality fashion options for a reasonable price. As the definition of sustainable wavers from company to company, Noumenon describes their sustainable efforts as including fair trade, environmentally friendly, locally produced, vegan and good cause products. Noumenon is very careful and cautious about who they partner with. Before they seal the deal with any company, they first have to fill out an extensive questionnaire about their company’s production and values. This company is a very hardworking brand that prioritizes sustainability, if this is something you are looking for then you are making the right choice with Noumenon.


Fighting to combat one of the world’s most polluting industries, Malaika has implemented many zero waste patterns for their company that allows them to be more aware of the impact that they are having on the environment. The specific materials they use are created from up-cycled materials such as fish nets, old carpets and other nylon waste. The company has developed an up-cycling process that they strongly follow in order to utilize the materials that they currently do. In addition to their sustainable efforts, Malaika’s textiles are all located in North America helping to reduce their carbon footprints for those in this area. Another effort specific to this company is their season-less collection. What this means is that they are producing garments for this collection that can be worn all year round, therefore serving as a use for more than just a couple months of the year. Malaika’s sustainable efforts and overall care for the environment help to encourage their company to remain in an eco-friendly fashion. This company is definitely one to give a look to!


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