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Size-Inclusive Sustainable Clothing Brands

I’ve stressed time and again that when aiming to have a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s important that you make the conscious effort to not partake in fast fashion and opt for sustainable choices. One of the simplest forms of sustainable fashion is shopping second hand from places like ThredUp, Plato’s Closet, thrift shops, etc. Shopping second hand is fantastic! However, I wanted to introduce fashion directly from individual brands that practice these sustainable practices, to begin with. This is why I began introducing sustainable clothing hauls and even made a sustainable clothing directory on my blog (click here).

When I make these guides, it is my every intention to make them suitable for everyone. However, not everything is “one size fits all”; especially with clothing. As an individual who relies on size inclusivity, it is a concept that is extremely important to me. Unfortunately, it’s also a concept that many sustainable brands have not adopted yet which saddens me because it excludes many individuals who are interested in shopping sustainable simply because they don’t offer a range of sizes. My hope is that in the future, size inclusivity will be found in nearly all sustainable fashion brands. But in the meantime, here are some of my favorite size-inclusive brands.

Size range: XS - 3XL

Price Range: $50 - $300USD

Altar is a sustainable fashion brand with clothing made in Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles, California. Their goal is to source all of their textiles from within the US. As far as sustainability goes, Altar only uses natural dyes and sustainable fabrics such as linen, deadstock fabric, and Cupro. Their clothing items vary from tops to dresses and rompers, although if you’re someone who is especially into dresses and rompers, they definitely have many of those to choose from. Shop their whole selection on Made Trade!

Size range: XS - 3XL

Price Range: $48 - $150USD

Poplinen is a size-inclusive clothing brand whose mission is to create timeless and flattering tops for everyone. Additionally, the brand is woman-owned and POC-owned. All of their clothing is made in Los Angeles, California, and only made in small batches, so as to help limit potential waste. These tops are made using sustainable fabrics such as TENCEL, organic cotton and linen, and bamboo. The sustainability of the brand even continues in their packaging as they also use recycled labels and tags.

Size range: 4XS - 16XL

Price range: $20 - $100+ USD

Seamsfriendly prides themselves in being advocates of body positivity, stressing that all sizes should be represented in clothing. All of their fabrics are locally sourced in India, with a focus on choosing fabrics that are natural, plant-based, and durable. All of their clothing is made exclusively to order, ensuring a zero unsold inventory. Their clothing also stresses the importance of functionality and utility through the use of added pockets. Plus, free worldwide shipping. While they cater to a wide range of sizes, you can also use their custom sizing options.

Size Range: XXS - 6XL

Price Range: $14 - $128USD

Love activewear even though you don’t necessarily need to wear it for physical activity? Me too. You’ll love Girlfriend Collective. First off, not sure if you knew this but practically all synthetic activewear is made from plastic. What makes Girlfriend different? They use 100% post-consumer water bottles instead of virgin plastic. Additionally, their clothing is also made from recycled polyester, fishing net, nylon, and Cupro. While their plastic is recycled in Taiwan, their clothing is made in Vietnam. All workers work in factories with strict guidelines that provide safe and healthy working conditions, and proper wages. Their clothing varies from bottoms such as leggings, shorts, and unitards, with tops such as bras and windbreakers.

Size Range: XS - XL

Price Range: $48 - $548 USD

Christy Dawn is not just a sustainable clothing brand; it’s a brand that prides themselves in paying homage to Mother Earth. All of their clothing is sourced from deadstock fabric left behind by other fashion companies. Many of the fabrics are sourced from India in handmade in Los Angeles, California. They aim to design classic silhouettes. Additionally, their clothing ranges from tops and dresses to bottoms and jumpsuits.

Size range: XXS - 5XL

Price range: $4 - $1,000+ USD

If you’re just starting on your sustainable journey or want to shop somewhere with tons of variety, shop at ThredUp. ThredUp is essentially a large online second-hand store with tons of clothing options at affordable rates (with reason, of course as prices vary based on the item’s brand and condition). You can even sell your clothing to them! While not all of the clothing will be made from sustainable practices, sustainability comes from shopping second hand. This is one of my favorite places to shop from when I’m on a budget and need a large variety to choose from.

Size range: XS - XXL (depending on the item)

Price range: $35 - $328 USD

Encircled is a woman-founded, Canadian based clothing company specializing in designing capsule wardrobe-essentials. They are a certified B Corporation. All of their fabrics are made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, organic linen, hemp, and wood pulp. Additionally, their clothing is made ethically and sweatshop-free.

Size range: XS - 4XL (up to 4.5XL on swimwear)

Price range: $278 USD

Hackwith Design House specializes in creating clothing so unique, they release a new limited edition design each week, with no more than 25 of each made. All of their clothing is made in-house in Minnesota. The brand has a special collection called the Sustain Shop. The fabrics used in these clothes are sourced from locally-owned fabric stores.

They strive to only use natural and biodegradable fabrics, as well. Additionally, all of the brand’s pieces are made to order with the exception of their limited edition items. You can even send your old clothing from the brand back so that they can reuse the fabric! Neat!

Size range: XS - 3XL

Price range: $80 - $598 USD

Symbology is a sustainable clothing brand that specifically works with women creators in India. These artisans use only traditional methods of design to create their clothing and use plant-based fabrics and eco-friendly dyes. Symbology also pays these artisans living wages and promotes sustainable production practices. They have a wide range of clothing items to choose from such as dresses, tops, and bottoms.


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