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Zero Waste Laundry Detergent

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

This is an area of zero waste that has a few different options that many people have strong options about. I'll begin with the one that I currently use.

TruEarth Laundry Strips

I recently switched to these after my partner shared with me that she was not as happy with EcoNuts. They come packaged in only a paper/cardboard envelope and are very easy to use because you don't need to measure anything & there is no mess. They also come in a fragrance free option which I love! ALSO, you can use them in cold water which soap nuts recommends you do not do. I LOVE THESE!

Soap Nuts

a very simple and natural option. Soap nuts are also known as soap berries which lather when added to water. These nuts dispense their soap up to 5 times per nut. They come packaged in a cardboard box and are accompanied by the little cotton rucksack you will need to put into your washer. Afterwards the nuts themselves are compostable.

Dropps Pods

these pods come packaged in only cardboard and are completely biodegradable. It is EPA Safer Choice Certified and come in a variety of scents, including scent free.

Nellie's Laundry Soda

this detergent is a powder and comes packaged in a metal tin. Nellie's feels that selling liquid detergent is silly because it typically contains at least 50% water. You will only need 2-3 tablespoons per load and the formula is biodegradable.

Country Save Laundry Powder

This laundry powder is fragrance and dye free as well as EPA certified. The formula is biodegradable and non toxic. This powder comes packaged in nothing more than a cardboard box. It also has glowing reviews for cleaning reusable diapers! So this could be an amazing solution for those who need that extra cleaning power.

Ethique Laundry Bar

this is a laundry bar that can be used mostly for removing stain and hand washing. The bar only comes wrapped in a paper sleeve/ box. This formula is biodegradable and the ingredients are harvested ethically.


I'd recommend being careful with DIY laundry detergents. Some of the ingredients have proven to be bad for your washing machine and are not covered by your washers warranty. But there are several out there that people swear by.

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