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Sustainable Wrapping Options

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

This post is still under construction

Let's be honest, everyone likes the look a beautifully wrapped present. But have we stopped this about how silly it is to care about how beautifully something is wrapped for it to be ripped apart and thrown away? If you haven't considered that just yet, I encourage you to. So let's explore some options that are better for the planet this holiday season.

1.) Look Around // Use What You Have

Newspaper, sales ads, paper grocery bags, products packaging, ect. The list goes on and on. There is no sense in going out and buying paper when you almost certainly have some laying around your home or in the recycling bin.

Last year I used left over paper from my holiday toilet roll. Who Gives a Crap sells toilet paper made from post consumer recycled paper that is plastic free and wrapped in paper. Instead of sending that paper straight to the recycling, I gave it another life. Look around and see what types of creative uses like that you can find.

2.) Choose Recyclable Paper

A lot of traditional wrapping paper is not really paper... it is mixed with plastic as well. This means it cannot be recycled at most recycling facilities.

However, by consciously choosing paper that can be recycled, you can reassured your paper will not be sitting in a landfill or the ocean.

This wrapping paper is made in the US, printed with soy ink, and is completely recyclable (not to mention cute).

3.) Wrap with Reusables

There are a lot of options here and plenty of room for creativity. Head to your local thrift store and find a beautiful scarf to wrap your gift with. You can also purchase a bandana/napkin that the person receiving the gift can reuse to reduce their waste.

There is even a company that is specifically making reusable gift wrapping, check them out here.

4.) Box It

You can use one of those adorable reusable boxes that you can find at virtually any store during this time of year.

5.) The Fab Wrap


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