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Sustainable Planners

Updated: May 23, 2020

Can you believe 2019 is already over? Actually, can you believe the decade is over?! It's insane how fast time flies! If you're a busy-body like me who needs help organizing their thoughts and tasks, you know a new year means it's time for a new planner. Not all planners are equal! Sure it can be fun to choose ones that are super colorful or with a lot of accessories and inserts. However, often times these fancy planners come at a cost to our environment. While I recommend keeping a digital planner to be completely zero waste, I understand that it doesn't work well for everyone. Here's a list of some eco-friendly planners to help start your year off on the right track!

If you're looking for a sturdy planner check out this one by Green Dreamer! It has a hardcover made with un-dyed cot linen; super chic and also durable enough to lay flat. It's also made with 100% recycled paper and soy based ink. While the planner does have monthly spreads that are pre-dated, the weekly spreads aren't. So if you miss a day, all you have to do is fill in the date. Less planner waste! It also features major awareness dates that are either environmental or culture related. Green Dreamer is also partnered with Eden Projects, a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to reforestation efforts. With every planner purchased, one tree is planted! Not interested in a physical copy? They also sell the digital download version!

What I love about At a Glance is its convenience. You can pretty much find this planner at your major retailers. I know when I was using planners before my sustainable lifestyle journey, this was my go-to. These planners are made with recycled paper, including the metal coil! Even the cover is 50% post-consumer recycled! This is a fantastic planner if you need something affordable and functional!

This Freedom Planner is super versatile and not only allows for planning but also for self-reflection and gratitude journaling. It's made in the US using 100% Post-Consumer recycled paper and vegetable based inks!

This planner by Paper & Lattice is completely made and stitched by hand! All of the paper is recycled and it features an open spine design; giving it that gorgeous rustic design. It also comes with tons of planning space! Also, while this shop is based out of the UK, there is free shipping to the US!

Not everyone buys a planner immediately at the beginning of the year. I know I didn't used to do that! What's a bummer about that though is that entire months can go to waste. This planner by Letter C Design allows you to start any month. Just make sure select which month you want to start when you order! It's also made with recycled Kraft paper

Ink + Volt has tons of planners to choose from! If you're a consistent planner, go for the dated. If you skip here and there, don't worry! They have an undated option too. Don't want a physical copy? Pick the digital version! All of their planners are made in the US and use soy-based inks. Plus they're made with rain forest friend paper!

This is a pretty neat planner if I do say so myself! The paper is made out of stone, making it waterproof and tear resistant. Each month features goal-setting guides to help start your month off right! It's also recyclable after use! The 2020 planner isn't available yet but keep a look out for it!

Bullet Journal

If you're looking for a paper planner but need something simple that is minimal waste but still a hard copy, check out bullet journaling! There's so many how-to's online that go over the ins and outs. Plus it's very sustainable in that you can use any notebook, it's undated, and you only create pages that you'll end up using!


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