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sustainable beach chairs

When traveling to the beach, the thing that most quickly pops into my mind is the sand. The stuff you find in very unwanted places no matter how hard you try to keep it away. While I still haven’t figured out how to completely avoid its terrors, one thing that has always helped me is having a good and sturdy beach chair to prevent me from having to sit directly on the sand (no one should have to experience this horror). With this said, here are five reliable companies to purchase your own beach chair from for your traveling endeavors. 

LowTides Ocean Products 

Founded only six years ago, Brenton Hutchinson brought to the world a new sustainable company to support your traveling endeavors. Hutchinson was hit with the idea for the company after reading an article about substantial amounts of plastic entering the ocean all across the world. Following this realization, he decided to begin making products using upcycled plastic to create his products of which he has committed to making beach chairs – don’t worry, the chairs are plenty comfortable. The company goal is to help consumers realize that “everyone can be the solution to cleaner tides”. Their sustainability efforts all revolve around using upcycled plastics to keep it out of the oceans. The durable beach chairs are made from recycled ocean bound plastics which is distinct from regular recycled plastics since these are taken from large areas around the world called “at risk zones”. These efforts have helped save many plastics from entering the ocean and hopefully will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. While LowTides is based out of New Jersey, these products can be found online at any time or in retail stores across the globe. 


A company that once began in the confines of a small garage has now flourished into one of the world’s greatest contributing sustainability companies. The company began with two friends in 1990 when they decided to challenge themselves and protect the planet by attempting to make a chair completely out of recycled plastics. This chair made in their garage became the first product of its time. Now, 34 years later, the company’s goal is to encourage time spent outside with family and friends while also protecting the planet. The company is dedicated to making products that are durable and built to last through any type of weather conditions. Their lumber is made from recycled/reusable high-density polyethylene plastic. This makes their products safe, durable, weather resistant, and easy to clean. They also blend in UV inhibitors, pigments and other things within their products to help protect the compounded plastics. The company is based out of India but can be found both online and in retail stores so make sure to check them out. 


Weltevree is a Dutch owned brand that was founded in 2007. The word Weltevree derives from the meaning “feeling pleasant” or “content with your surroundings”. This company that is based out of the Netherlands commonly sees this word placed as the name for old farmhouses in the area. This name is a sign of a homey feeling, one where all parties involved feel good. Because of this, the company’s goal is to live out the true meaning of their name and show all people that life is about what you experience and the feelings that come along with it. The company's products are designed with durability in mind. All materials put into the products are sustainable and do not harm the environment. Weltevree is dedicated to doing everything they can to keep things out of the landfill and use products that are eco-friendly and reusable. This store can be found online and has a main brand store located in Amersfoort. They also have a couple of pop up stores around the world so keep an eye out for this company. 

Ocean Zero 

Ocean Zero was created in order to help protect the ocean and help the ocean-plastic crisis. The company was founded by multiple people who all agreed on one main goal: working toward removing plastic from the ocean. The beach chairs produced by the company are made from a specially formulated polyester fabric that is made ENTIRELY from recycled waste. The company has also instilled a written message on each product that reads “recycled for a better planet” – how cute! Additionally, each ocean zero product is made from 2 lbs of post consumer plastic with ALL products being made with 1000% recycled material. Ocean Zero’s producing process is more sustainable than the traditional polyester production because it uses 45% less energy which ultimately reduces the dependence on petroleum. There are three main steps put into this energy saving process. These steps are: 
1. Plastic is collected from oceans, landfills and recycling programs. 
2. The plastic waste is cleaned and crushed into small chips. 3. The chips are heated and passed through a spinner to form strings of year. The yarn is dyed and knitted into polyester fabric.
This process not only saves energy but also ensures that the recycled polyester is soft, comfortable, and durable. This store and its products can be found online at any time so make sure to check it out! 


Last but not least we have Peligo. Peligo was founded eight years ago by owner Catherine Horzen. Horzen was inspired to create the company during a project where she redesigned a beach chair from the 60s that she bought in a garage sale. Horzen created the company in hopes to show the world that quality products have the power to connect people with outdoor experiences by elevating both comfort and style. The company’s sustainability efforts focus on improving energy efficiency, recycling efforts, and reducing waste. In addition to their ethically made beach chairs, the company also has eco-friendly wooden base chairs so if you need some house decor, make sure to check those out. The company has in person stores in California but products can also be found online or in many retail stores around the world. 


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