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stylin' sustainable swimsuits

Everyone knows that a good swimsuit is a must have when traveling to the beach. Whether you are the bikini or tankini type, the swimsuit is the most important part of your wardrobe. With that being said it is important to ensure that what you are putting on your body is made out of and packaged in eco-friendly materials. So, here are five amazing companies dedicated to making your summer body look hot and sustainable. 


First we will start with Berlook. The company was established during the Covid-19 pandemic (aren’t we glad those days are over?), when the Berlook founders realized the true importance of the resources that we have at hand. They wanted to make a product that would positively impact both women and the environment, thus Berlook was born. The company takes pride in their 100% natural and recyclable materials that are stretchy making them comfortable for women of all ages and sizes. Since opening, Berlook’s goal has been to bring a design to the world that benefits women and makes them feel beautiful while making a positive impact on the environment. The name Berlook stems from an acronym that stands for “Biobased materials in Eco-friendly production made from Recycled plastics all while you LOOK your very best”. The company is based out of Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, but don’t worry my friends, they have an online store where customers are free to view and shop through their many different varieties of women’s swimwear. Definitely take the time to check this amazing store out! 

Vitamin A

Next up is Vitamin A created by Amahlia Stevens whose starting mission was to create a product that combated climate change while also promoting female empowerment. Her inspiration came from her days as a swimsuit model in college where she quickly realized that even though none of the swimsuits she was debuting were her style, that didn’t mean she couldn’t create something beautiful for herself. Stevens began her line and had two daughters who have only strengthened her mission of female empowerment and fighting the climate crisis for a better future. The company has taken on many sustainable protocols and hopes to be able to host more beach clean ups this year. In 2020 the company partnered with a green team in order to inspect the materials they had been using over the past ten years and provide any advice as to how to improve the quality of the product and how it was impacting the environment. In addition to this, the lightbulbs within their facilities have been replaced with LEDs, reducing electricity by almost 90%, switching all water fixtures to low-flow, using reusable glass, flatware, and dishes, and making sure that all paper products are made of 100% recycled waste. Furthermore the packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable and a portion of all sales are donated to environmental organizations that are working toward protecting oceans. So far the company has:
26,069 gallons water saved
88,143 lbs waste diverted
912,077 lbs emissions avoided
1,300,755 kWh energy saved
The company is based out of California but the store can be accessed online for nationwide sales at any time. If you are looking for not only a sustainable company but one that frequently gives back to the environment, take the time to check out Vitamin A.


Now we have Jolyn, a company built from the mission of rebuilding women’s competitive swimwear. Their mission was to develop high-performance swimsuits for world class athletes that were durable and unique to each and every individual woman. Now, Jolyn’s goal is to help women reach their own goals and to help them have fun while doing it. While the company does focus on making their products out of sustainable materials, what they value more is a swimsuit that will last more than two summers. They do this specifically by reinforcing certain stress points on swimsuits in order to ensure longer durability. All products sold are made from nylon fishing nets and other nylon found and taken out of the ocean. Furthermore the company is also partnered with the Surfrider Foundation — a foundation dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans — whose mission is to empower women and help the plant while doing it. Jolyn is also based out of California but has multiple sites located across the US in addition to their easily accessible online store. This store is definitely one worth your attention.


Next up we have Summersalt, a company founded by Lori Coulter and Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin who use over 1.5 million different measurements from 10,000 women to get the fit just right to bring an instant confidence boost every single time. Summersalt’s goal is to empower women to live a life with passion, purpose, and unbridled enthusiasm. The company has dedicated itself to using fabrics that are made from post-consumer materials and nylon waste. Furthermore, the products made by Summersalt are ones that are made to last, ones that will withstand more than a couple of vacations. The store is located out of St. Louis, Missouri but has both online access and numerous retailers around the world to look at. Make sure to check out this awesome brand!


Last but not least we have the famous brand, Patagonia. Patagonia was founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973 in Ventura, California. The company began by selling mountain gear and then eventually expanding to numerous varieties of outdoor gear. Their company goal is to empower local action and they take this to heart in their own facilities by focusing on the production of sustainable products, treating employees fairly, and engaging corporate responsibilities. While it may have never occurred to you that Patagonia was dedicated towards the sustainability movement, they have actually taken action to not only produce eco-friendly products but also support other organizations working on environmental issues such as land, water, climate, communities, and biodiversity. Patagonia, as I am sure you well know, has many retail stores across the world and has online access so the next time you are looking for sustainable swimwear, make sure to keep Patagonia in mind. 


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