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It's the beginning of June and in honor of Pride Month, here are some sustainable brands to support that advocate for all of our lovely pride members out there. 

First, coffee, because who doesn’t love it? 

Couplet Coffee 

Are you a coffee lover, sustainability supporter, and a supporter of LGBTQ+ owned businesses? Well if you are here I am assuming that you are all of the above. If I am right, Couplet Coffee is the perfect company for you. Couplet Coffee is a queer and immigrant owned business which has a mission of making coffee less “douchey” and making coffee seem more fun and approachable. Specialty coffee is something that is difficult to navigate and truly find your place in, but Couplet Coffee is attempting to get rid of the awkwardness and jump straight to the great coffee. Couplet Coffee is sold in over 130 stores nationwide and can be ordered online at any time for your convenience. If you are indeed a coffee, sustainability, and queer lover, take the time to support this amazing business throughout pride month! 

Clothes because we love a fashionista.

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch is a sustainable and queer owned linen brand dedicated to making the perfect clothing products for you. The linen was recently updated contributing to the new and improved soft feel and superior drape. Additionally, the majority of the pants marketed have a smooth and stretchy waistband to provide comfort for everyday wear. In order to be more size inclusive, the brand ranges up to a size 28 in both pants and shirts and also ranges to a 5XL in blazers for all of the beautiful men and women out there. Kirrin Finch’s goal is to create gender-defying clothing that makes all people feel comfortable and included while also leaving a positive impact on our environment. If you are in need of a wardrobe update this pride season, make sure to take a look at Kirrin Finch and support those who support us. 


Wildfang is yet another clothing brand that is dedicated to their sustainability efforts and is queer based. The company is dedicated to making women feel good, comfortable, and having plenty of options to choose from in order to help women celebrate their “masc, femmer, and everything-in-between”! From dressy work apparel to summer-time staples, Wildfang has it all. Additionally, the company has been Carbon Neutral Certified and is truly dedicated to ensuring that protocols are followed in order to leave a long-lasting positive impact on the planet. If you are in need of some inclusive and top notch clothing options, Wildfang is definitely the palace to look at! 

Xyst Ugli

And here we have yet another amazing and queer owned clothing business to turn to in our search to support LGBTQ+ businesses this pride month. The name may attempt to fool you, but trust me, the company’s products are anything but ugly. Xyst Ugli markets and sells clothes that contain empowering and positive sayings within the material. The sayings range from topics about self love to women’s rights and empowerment, each with a special message that you are seen, you are heard, and that you sure as hell matter in this world. Not only is the company dedicated to uplifting customers but also to supporting handmade clothes upcycled to support the sustainability industry. Make sure to take a look at their website and grab what you can before they run out!

“I ain’t sayin she's a GOLD digger.” - Kanye West 

Automic Gold 

Jewelry. Every person’s staple. Whether you prefer gold, silver, or even a bit of color popped in, this pride season if you are a jewelry fein, you must check out Automic Gold. The company is dedicated toward creating “hand-crafted, size inclusive, sustainable fine jewelry”. Automic Gold is forging a path for people to follow in order to stray away from the common stance of buying fast fashion and instead replacing it with products that will be long lasting. The company additionally makes custom jewelry to appease each and every customer that makes a purchase, and what makes it even better is that all of the materials are sourced both ethically and locally. The use of strong, recycled, durable materials helps keep strong the reputation of their outstanding long lasting jewelry. And if all of this isn’t enough, they even use recyclable and reusable paper packing… can they get any better? If you are in need — or want — of some updated and sustainable jewelry coming from a queer and trans-owned business, take the time to check out Automic Gold’s amazing and customized pieces.  

Skin care for you to wear!

NOTO Botanics 

Okay now, there is absolutely no way you can say NO-TO NOTO Botanics this Pride Month. The skin care company is LGBTQ+ owned and was founded with people of all genders, race, and age in mind. Not only this but the company is truly dedicated to their sustainability efforts. So much so that each of their packaging materials are either recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable. They also make sure that a majority of their skin care ingredients are locally sourced and that ALL ingredients are cruelty free. If this still isn’t enough, the company has even put into place a refill station at their LA location. It’s definitely safe to say that NOTO Botanics covers all of their bases both sustainably and inclusively. So, if you are looking for the perfect skincare company with your same values in mind, check out NOTO Botanics and support the queer and sustainable business. 


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