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My Top 5 Items for a Zero Waste Period

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

One of my most heavily requested topics from viewers is on zero waste periods. While I've addressed this topic through various videos, I figured I'd do a blog post for a permanent, one-stop shop reference.

I didn't realize how much period products contributed to waste prior to beginning my sustainable journey. If you stop and think about it, the average cycle is about 5-7 days. You roughly use about 3-4 tampons and/or pads each of those days, and on average, an individual menstruates about 40 years. When the math is done, you're looking at 7,200-13,440 (give or take) tampons or pads throughout your entire menstruating cycle. **Please note, this is for the average individual who menstruates, not taking into account those with illnesses or surgeries that might increase or decrease the average time of menstruation**. To make a long story short, that's a LOT of tampons and/or pads!

As daunting as it may seem, switching to zero waste period products is actually simpler than it sounds! This is because all of these products are practically similar to the tampons/pads we already use! What's also great about these products is that they're all reusable and can be reused for such a long time. Disclaimer: some of these items may be on the pricier side! However, because they're reusable for so long, it makes them worth the investment. Also, feel free to check out my discount page for discounts on some of the items mentioned! Click here!

Of all the items on this post, this is the one I recommend the most! This is not to say that the other items are not good, but this is personally more convenient and comfortable for me. I use this every time my period comes and swear by it. It's a little nerve wracking at first when you first use it, understandably. I mean, I was skeptical that it would catch everything, even on my heaviest days but sure enough they work! These underwear are definitely an investment but even just one will make a difference and is perfect to start out with! Want to learn more on how I use Thinx? Click here!

If you regularly use tampons and want to switch to something more sustainable, consider a period cup! Period cups are made from 100% medical grade silicone and can be reused for a LONG time. All you have to do is gently insert the cup vaginally and you’re good to go. It will collect any blood into the cup! Period cups can be worn for up to 12 hours and only need to be emptied out 2-3 times per day, depending on how heavy of a flow you are experiencing. To clean it, simply rinse and wash with warm water and soap. EarthHero has two different brands to choose from, Saalt and Diva Cup. Each brand has several cups to choose one, each a different size. Read the recommendations to see which size suits you best. P. S., I have a discount for EarthHero on my discounts page. Click here!

Prefer pads over tampons or cups? I do too! Lucky for us, Tree Hugger Cloth Pads makes reusable ones! Tree Hugger Cloth Pads is a woman owned company whose inspiration came from her newborn daughter’s cloth diapers! Seeing that using cloth diapers helped keep disposable ones out of landfills came the idea for cloth pads! What I love about this brand is

that there are pads made of different materials. You can choose from minky (stain-resistant polyester), cotton, or bamboo lined. Additionally, they have pads in a variety of patterns and thickness so that you can choose the appropriate pad depending on your flow. Ready to wash them? Simply toss them into the washer!

If you do prefer to use tampons, consider switching to ones made from organic cotton. Organic tampons have none of those harmful chemicals or plastic like regular tampons do. Additionally, opt for tampons with biodegradable applicators or applicator free ones. Choose from Tampon Tribe or Natracare on EarthHero. If you do decide to purchase the applicator free ones but decide you need an applicator or need a sturdier one similar to conventional plastic ones that is reusable, check this one out by Thinx!

Sometimes we don't have time to wash reusable pads often, especially if we might not have more than one. Or maybe you prefer something a bit lighter and breathable for an active lifestyle! Check out these pads by NatraTouch! These pads are all compostable and chemical free. You can also choose from different sizes, depending on how heavy your flow is. Additionally, you'll receive pads from two different materials; one that is strictly organic cotton and the other made with natural charcoal bamboo.

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Gaby St
Gaby St
23 nov. 2022

I checked “tree hugger” and yes I understand that reusable is sustainable, but the only sustainable product she uses is bamboo for some, and that’s only a certain percentage. The rest are polyester or cotton (not organic), and mor polyester…. not all that impressed. maybe this list needs an update.


26 iul. 2020

This is perfect for me right now! Thanks for this helpful list!-

Pauline from

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