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Influencers for Earth Month

Austin, Texas is home to a constantly growing number of sustainability influencers that are making a positive impact in the eco-conscious movement. Each of these influencers offer a unique perspective on sustainability ranging from zero-waste tips to sustainable fashion, and even urban gardening. In honor of Earth Month, here are 9 sustainability influencers and pages on social media from Austin along with a overview of their content to follow along this month:

Instagram - @shelbizleee: 132k
Tiktok - @shelbizleee: 269k
Youtube - @shelbizleee: 318k

“You cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that you can do”

“Do your best, and advocate for the rest”

I am a zero-waste influencer who shares tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle at an affordable cost. My instagram page contains creative DIYs and practical solutions for reducing waste ranging from eco-friendly cleaning solutions to composting and repurposing household items - maybe even dumpster diving from my college days. On all platforms I encourage and focus on anti-consumerism. I believe in being less and doing your best to shop second hand first is the best and most plausible solution to our world’s ongoing environmental issues. I coined the term “eco-minimalism” in order to encourage my viewers to always be minimalist but in an eco-friendly way.

Phil the Fixer
Instagram - @philthefixer: 8,084
Tiktok - @philthefixer: 82.6k
Youtube - @philthefixer: 66

Phil is a zero-waste influencer on three platforms where he expresses his unprofound passion for upcycling and repairing used items to reduce waste. His instagram page includes many aspects of sustainability ranging from DIY projects, mending clothes and even creating zero-waste gift wrap. Phil showcases many sustainability efforts on his page and truly shows his viewers what it means to be an “off the grid liver”. If you are looking for an influencer who loves DIY and upcycling, Phil is a great one to follow throughout this earth month.

Reza Cristian
Instagram - @rezacristian: 4,852
Tiktok - @rezamcristian: 651

Reza is a sustainable fashion influencer who shares ethical fashion tips and sustainable clothing options on her platforms. Specifically on her instagram, Reza showcases multiple sustainable clothing brands and offers advice on how to go about making more conscious fashion choices. In her most recent post she shared a few daily things she does to help her live sustainably with her viewers. In addition she recently took part in the free fridge activation in her area, supporting those facing food insecurity in the Austin area. While her main focus is sharing eco-friendly clothing options with her viewers, Reza takes part in many sustainability initiatives and would be a great influencer to follow throughout this Earth Month.

Urban Garden 
Instagram - 2,228
Tiktok - @urbgarden: 361

Urban Garden is an urban farming page that shares tips on how to grow your own food in the city. Their page features a multitude of subjects ranging from how to build raised garden beds to tips for starting your own personal compost bin. In addition, the page is a great source of education for its viewers as Urban Garden makes educational posts about amphibians that benefit gardens, different types of crops and their maintenance, and even methods on how to plant and transfer plants in your garden. Likewise, Urban Garden hosts many community events such as Soil & Sun, Italian Night, and Build & Bloom Workshops for people of all ages in order to teach citizens more about building gardens in urban communities. If you are interested in starting your own at-home garden during this Earth Month, or at any other time, Urban Garden is a great reference to use in your learning experiences and planting process.

Diandra Marizet 
Instagram - @diandramarizet: 16.5k 
Tiktok - @diandramarizet: 1,125

Diandra is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle influence who promotes ethical fashion tips and sustainable living practices. Her page is consumed with inspiring photos and tips for living more sustainably, including how to make you own natural cleaning products. Diandra has spoken at multiple events promoting living a sustainable lifestyle, and is currently taking part in IE’s Earth Month Fundraiser which can be found on her instagram page. She recently attended an eco-poetry night where her and fellow activists joined together to further support sustainability. This month if you are looking for an influencer to follow that highlights sustainable fashion as well as other fundamentals of an eco-friendly lifestyle, Diandra is a perfect one to follow.

Jules Acree 
Instagram - @julesacree: 110k
Tiktok - @julesacree: 261.8k 
Youtube - @julesacree: 92.1k

Jules focuses largely on slow living and organization within your work from home life. Jules is a certified meditation, mindfulness, and yoga instructor, in addition to founding “The Homebodies”. She works to promote living your most intentional life no matter if that means you are hustling your way to a burnout or sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix. Her “pillars of productivity” include intentionality over reactivity, work-life harmony, rest and self care, and innovative systems. If you are looking for a way to find peace this Earth Month, Jules is an amazing influencer that can lead you through the process of living an intentional life.

Sustain the Mag 
Instagram - @sustainthemag: 13.7k 
Tiktok - @sustainthemag: 1396

Sustain the Mag is an online magazine that focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly living. Their page features articles, tips, and interviews with eco-influencers as well as a range of sustainable lifestyle products. The instagram page also highlights and discusses common complaints and issues surrounding sustainable living and reassures viewers that an eco-friendly lifestyle is always the way to go. If you are not looking for a specific influencer to follow this month but would still like to see and hear from a variety of activists, following Sustain the Mag is a great option for you.

Refind Shopping 
Instagram - @refind_shopping: 1,663
Tiktok - @refind_shopping: 13

Refind Shopping is a sustainable fashion store that promotes eco-friendly and ethical clothing options. Their page showcases their sustainable products and encourages followers to shop more consciously. Refind Shopping is based in Austin, and contains solely sustainable and ethical clothing. If you are ever in Austin, it would be an amazing store to stop by, OR feeling free to check out their page and look at the brands they sell and what the material is made from.

Cool to Care 
Instagram - @_cooltocare: 2,356
Tiktok - @_cooltocare: 7,562

Cool to Care is an eco-conscious online store that sells and promotes sustainable products to its customers. These products can range anywhere from reusable bags to eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Their page consists of store products and tips on how you can reduce waste in your day-to-day life. In addition to this, the store also hosts clothing swaps for any customers that are interested. Cool to Care is a great store to keep in mind as you can access its products from anywhere on the planet and their wide variety of products can help you achieve living a sustainable lifestyle.

All and all, each of these sustainability influencers and companies based out of Austin, Texas are leading the way in promoting sustainable living. By following these accounts and adopting their eco-friendly practices, we can all work together to create a more sustainable future. This Earth Month, follow one of these creators and begin your journey to living a more sustainable life.

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