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how about these hats?!

Listen, if you are a pasty girl like me, you KNOW the struggle of trying to stay away from the evitable sunburn you will get if you don’t cover up. It’s not always the most convenient thing but if you are looking to protect yourself from a burn or even just want to add a little flare to your beach fit, a hat is a must have. With this being said, here are five sustainable companies ready to help you find the perfect fit for your beach endeavors.  


First up we have Topiku. If you are wondering what in the world Topiku is, it means “my hat” in Indonesian, which is fitting considering it is a well renowned hat company based out of Indonesia. The company was founded in 2014 by Monty Hasan. His inspiration came from the non-profit organization he was volunteering for where he discovered that people in villages created bags from recycled materials. From here, Hasan obtained the idea to create sustainable hats from upcycled and recycled waste materials. The company’s goal is to lead by example because they believe that “changing the world starts with changing YOUR world”. The company’s sustainability efforts include using fabrics that are upcycled from garment manufacturers’ leftover or deadstock textiles. Additionally Topiku does not allow materials to end up in landfills, which helps them to reduce their personal carbon footprint. The store can be accessed online at any time for people all over the world to purchase their amazing summer hats! 


Next is Tentree. This company was founded in 2012 by two best friends, Davis Luba and Kalen Emsley. The motivation to create their company came from their idea to plant ten trees for every item purchased. Their goal is to promote wildfire reforestation. They have stuck to this mission by planting over 105 million trees since opening 12 years ago and hope to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. Additionally, Tentree sticks to their mission of sustainability by only using organic or recycled materials such as TENCEL lycoll, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. Furthermore, they are dedicated to using only naturally dyed fabrics. In 2024 alone, Tentree has positively impacted the world by saving 200 MMg of waste, 245 MMl of water, and 1 MMkg of CO2. The store is based out of Canada but can also be found online or in multiple retailers throughout the world. If you are on the search for a high quality, sustainable hat, make sure that Tentree is on your radar. 


Founded in 2014 by Karla Gallardo, Cuyana is yet another company with hats that is dedicated toward living a more sustainable future. The products sold are created from craftsmen all over the world. The company goal is to create long lasting, sustainable products. By next year, they hope to have 100% neutral packaging. Their company motto is “produce responsibly — maximize wears — extend life”. 100% of company products are made from sustainably certified materials. These materials include leather, fabric, recycled plastics, and straw with jewelry being produced by recycled brass plates paired with 14k gold. Additionally, Cuyana established a Lean Closet Program in order to give clothes a second life. The store was established in California but products can be found online or in stores all across the world. If you’re looking for a hatch make sure to check out Cuyana. 


Originally created to print brand merchandise for punk and hardcore brands, Declan Wise and Jonathan Salfield established Afends out of Australia in 2006. Now with the surf and summer atmosphere, the brand has turned to focus on the environmental and societal impacts of the world. Afends strives to create products that are acceptable both to people and the planet. Their goal is to be a positive influence and role model for people to think outside of the box to protect our planet. Back in 2021, they reached their long standing goal of using 100% sustainable fiber for all products produced. The company has some additional interesting aspects such as their headquarters, cafe, and warehouse running off of solar power only, participating in a plastic free July and partnering with artists during the month of March in order to release products for International Women’s Day. Furthermore, to showcase their generosity, Afends also partners with charities such as Toys Change Lives, WildArk, and the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. This amazing store can be found online or in 7 concept stores around the world so make sure to check it out. 


Last but not least is Outerknown. This now famous company officially opened 8 years ago where it quickly gained attention from numerous widely known celebrities. The company owned by the Gresner Family and Steven Lippman made its debuts at the “sandcastle” — a house made almost completely out of reclaimed materials. The company goal is to protect the environment while also supporting fair labor. The company is not only concerned with enacting its own sustainability efforts but also supporting other companies that do. Some of these organizations include Brother Benno, The Ocean Cleanup, Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider Maui Chapter, Surfrider Foundation, and Everytown. As for their own efforts, Outerknown has 8 facilities running on renewable energy and has a standing partnership with Bergman Rivera in order to support farmers implantation of Regenerative Organic CertifiedTM practices. Since opening in 2016, Outerknown has saved almost 2,000 products from entering the landfill, and has given $133,000 toward improving workers livelihood through the fair trade premium. Though based out of California, Outerknown can be found online or in retail stores throughout the world so make sure this company is on your radar.  


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