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My House Tour (the nitty gritty)

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I knew in advance that there would be some questions about where I got certain items that I showed in my house tour so I made a list for you! I have found some links to items I got second hand and I ALWAYS encourage you to purchase second hand first. Something I actually do a lot is see something I love online in a list like this, and then add it to my thrift shopping with list! I highly recommend doing that if this post inspires you in anyway.

Full Length Wood Frame Mirror

we looked for almost a year for the perfect mirror and this is it! We did buy it new, well we actually purchased two of them. You can see it here.

Nest Energy Conserving Thermostat

We bought two of these thermostats for our home, but we really ended up getting them for free. If you check with your energy provider they often offer rebate programs and yearly incentives for installing these. These thermostats have a smart technology that learns your habits and programs itself to be as efficient as possible. On top of saving money when you purchase one of these, it can also save you a ton of money down the road. Independent studies have shown that the Nest Thermostat saves homeowners about 10%-12% on heating and 15% on cooling. This translates to a savings of about $140 per year. There are many different colors you can choose from here.

Reclaimed Floating Shelves

If you're in the market for floating shelves, be sure to purchase reclaimed ones! Find them here.

Lift Top Coffee Table

We snagged this multi-purpose coffee table/dining table from Madison's sister, but I was able to find some similar online here.

Stand Up/ Sit Down Desk

When I started looking for standing desks it became apparent that finding one second hand was going to be very difficult. So I opted for one that didn't use electricity, instead I can hand crank it and one that was made with more sustainable/ quality materials. The desk is mostly a metal frame and very sturdy with a bamboo top. It also has wheels on the bottom, which often come in handy! You can find it here.

Large Area Rug

I got super lucky to have found this rug on Facebook. Our color scheme was a light plush pink/ neutral tone nude colors with grey so when this came up on my Facebook I knew it was perfect! I was able to find it online as well, here.

Roll Out Couch with Storage

They sell this couch at Ikea but we did not want to buy it new. Ikea is notorious for low quality furniture and for the most part that's something I would rather not support. However, they did recently launch a more eco-friendly line of furniture and I've heard buzz about a furniture rental scheme coming soon! Regardless, if you want one of these of your own keep an eye out for it on second hand sites, it goes by the name of FRIHETEN.

Rattan Barstools

We snagged these barstools from an outlet. They were the last 3 left so I can't link you to them but I will link you to some that are similar. Rattan is a good material to look out for either second hand or if you do decide to purchase something new. It's natural material, it is made form the thin pliable stems of a palm. Bonus points for it looking super modern yet natural at the same time. Find some similar here.

Collapsible Hang Drying Laundry Rack

I am so so glad we installed this! It makes hang drying my clothes so much easier which means I'm not tempted to dry my clothes and waste so much energy and greenhouse gases. I got it here.

Kitchen/ Bar Cart

This bar cart has come in SUCH handy. There's nothing sustainable about it but I looked for a few days online before I found one that matched the colors and feel of our home so I figured I would show you in case you need something identical. Find it here.

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