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Haulternative - The not-so-wasteful alternatives

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

ANTI-HAUL: Single-use crayons at restaurants

Alternative: Bring your own Crayons

You can bring any set of crayons you have laying around which is of course always the best idea. If you're looking for some more eco-friendly crayons, I found some made from beeswax as well as a soy vegan alternative!

ANTI-HAUL: Backyard Fireworks

Alternative: Large Organized Firework events OR Start a new tradition

This might be a hard one if you're someone like me who grew up having full on firework shows in your yard. But getting creative and starting a new tradition is a great way to move away from this harmful activity.

ANTI-HAUL: The Single Use Plastic in a Glass Screen Protector

Pela has introduced a very interesting alternative to screen protectors that comes in a glass vile with a cork. They call it the Canopy and it claims to be drop and scratch resistant. Each vile comes with enough to use or 3 phones. I'll be testing this out soon!

ANTI-HAUL: Artificial Flowers for Cemeteries

Alternative: Fresh Cut Flowers, a Live Plant, or Non-Plastic Decorations

Fresh cut flowers are the obvious go-to alternative but those will become unsightly quite quickly so I would suggest finding planting a live plant near your loved ones sight OR leaving a live plant in a nice pot. In addition, I found these solar powered lights that are also flowers! It's the perfect alternative to have a long plastic decoration with the bonus of a solar powered light.

ANTI-HAUL: Plastic Cough Syrup Cups

Alternative: Not Really Sure

I don't think there is an alternative to these little cups if you plan to purchase over the counter medicines. However, I do have a video about natural/ zero waste medicine alternatives if you are interested in that sort of this, watch here.

ANTI-HAUL: Unethical Companie Rainbow-Washing

Alternative: Supporting Ethical & Sustainable Companies

I wanted to list a few companies I am a fan of that are truly human rights advocates. Most of them did not have a dedicated items for pride month, which I assume is because single-ish use items are not their forte.

ANTI-HAUL: Dishwasher Drying Agent


Enough said.

ANTI-HAUL: Cooking too much food

Alternative: Get an accurate head count of how many people you'll be hosting! If you do want some extras left over, cook for only 1-2 more. Have leftovers that you're scared you won't finish by yourself? Give your guests the heads up to bring some containers to take food home in!

ANTI-HAUL: Microplastic Glitter and confetti

Alternative: Mainstream glitter is made from plastic which we all know does not degrade easily in the environment. While I'd prefer glitter not be a product that's ever used, they do make biodegradable glitter should you need it. These glitters are made from plant cellulose. Check it out here or here at Glitter Revolution! Looking for something even more sustainable? Make/buy leaf confetti! It's super easy to make! All you have to do is grab some leaves that have fallen off the tree and cut out tiny confetti shapes.

ANTI-HAUL: Single use aluminum pans and foil

Alternative: Casserole dishes! Visit your local thrift store and find one there or order second hand from E-bay or Amazon. If you absolutely need to purchase a new dish, buy one that is built to last and that you can keep for a lifetime from

ANTI-HAUL: Christmas Cards

Alternative: Let's be honest; many people don't keep the cards they get. If you're lucky someone may have a dedicated box for all of the cards they get but most people just throw them out. Send an e-card from greenvelope! You still get to design a beautiful card with a heartfelt message for your friends and loved ones, but without the waste!

ANTI-HAUL: Corporate Advent Calendars

Alternative: Many advent calendars come with products that we don't like or want. Instead of wasting your money and purchasing something that will go to waste, exchange gifts with your partner or friend. You're guaranteed to give and receive something that is truly wanted.

ANTI-HAUL: Gag Gifts

Alternative: Gag gifts are literally almost always wasteful. Sure it's fun at first but the item NEVER gets used 99.9% of the time. Either don't participate in these types of gift exchanges or break the rules and give something useful!

ANTI-HAUL: Spray snow

Alternative: Since snow isn't naturally occurring in many locations, people often resort to purchasing fake snow that comes in powdered form or in an aerosol can. The issue is that this stuff is made with tons of chemicals that build up in the environment. Not to mention the health hazards these chemicals have if ingested or if you get some on your skin! Sure you can make fake snow with ice, but think of the amount of water that's being wasted. Unfortunately there isn't an alternative at the moment, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the holiday activities wherever you're located!

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