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All About Experience Gifts

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Aside from stocking stuffers (check out my post on some of my favorite stocking stuffers), another type of gift that I love to gift are experience gifts. Personally, it's one of my favorite gifts to receive as well. I love giving others experience gifts because it's specifically tailored to the individual. Yes, material gifts are great! Don't get me wrong! However, experience gifts bring just that... experiences! And with these experiences come memories that will last a lifetime! So whether you're looking for a gift for the holidays, birthdays, or just because, here's some inspiration:


This is a fantastic gift to give to those you love. If you know someone plans on traveling sometime soon or if you're looking to give a friend a local stay-cation, a few night's stays at an Airbnb is perfect! Plus, you'd be supporting a local business! Also, if you use this link, you'll get up to $65 off your booking!


Have a friend who is into camping or wanting to experience camping but doesn't know where to start? Book them a stay with Hipcamp! Hipcamp is essentially the Airbnb of the camping world. You can easily plan a stay at some of the top camping places throughout the US! You can choose RV Camping, Glamping, or traditional camping. Wanting to treat someone to a camp near Yosemite or someplace where you'll be surrounded by the most beautiful fall foliage? Look no further! Use this link for $10 off!


For the fitness and wellness lover in your life, Classpass is an awesome gift to give them! Classpass allows you to find in-studio classes, digital classes, and book spa and salon appointments within your local community! Classpass memberships come with no contracts or commitments, and no restrictions when it comes to your favorite places!


For the learners in your life, give them the gift of Skillshare! Skillshare is an online learning community that provides courses in advertising, business, design, fashion, and so much more! All of the courses are self-paced, and many are taught by notable instructors within their respective fields!


If you haven't already heard of Groupon, I highly recommend you look further into it. Groupon is one of the best sites to look for experience gifts for a discounted rate. Here are some experience ideas for inspiration from Groupon (please note, search results are based on your chosen location):

- Wine tasting

- Nascar racing experience

- Painting classes

- Dolphin discovery

Music Lessons

Know someone who is looking to learn how to play an instrument? Book them a music lesson for whatever instrument they're interested in! What's awesome about this is that you don't have to meet in person to learn; you can schedule virtual lessons!

Dance Lessons

Similar to music lessons, if you know someone interested in dance, book them a lesson! Choose from salsa, ballroom, hip-hop, or even two-step. Whatever you choose is bound to be a fun and memorable experience!

Orchestra Tickets

Orchestra concerts are such beautiful events to attend! I love escaping in the music and feeling the vibrations in the room coming from the instruments. If you know a musical lover, an orchestra ticket is a wonderful gift, especially during the holiday season! Winter concerts have a special kind of magic to them that is unbeatable and sure to put a smile on your face. Check out this year's Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert held via live stream!

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