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Eco- Friendly Mattresses

Updated: May 23, 2020

I love a lot of things. I love slow mornings. I love plants. I love audio-books. I love pizza. I love my work (maybe too much). But do you know what I love the most? My bed. I FREAKING love my bed! I hate to leave it in the morning and I love coming home to it after a long day. My bed is literally my safe space. It’s where I go to when I’ve had a rough day and need to calm down and it’s where I go after I’ve had a great day and want to take in the memories.

Because we spend a good portion of our lives in bed, whether it be sleeping, working, or even just hanging out on it, it’s important that you find the perfect mattress for you! Not only is it important to find a mattress that’s suitable for your body’s needs, it’s important to look for one from eco-friendly companies that use ethical practices. So if you’re in the market for a mattress that meets your needs and is sustainable, keep on reading!

The Futon Shop is committed to making chemical free and natural furniture. They have a wide range of furniture such as mattresses, bed frames, pillows, and futons. Each of the categories has various options and styles to choose from. For instance, if you’re looking for a mattress, you can choose from organic, wool, latex, or coconut. Their wool and material is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, the only crediting body that can certify wool and other textile materials as Certified Organic. In addition, The Futon Shop creates all of their furniture, mattresses, and pillows in their San Francisco factory! They also partner with 1% for the Planet and donate 1% of their revenue to this organization!

Happsy is credited with being the first company to sell fully certified organic mattresses in a box. All of their mattresses are made with organic wool, cotton, and latex. They are even certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)! Not only are their mattresses made with organic material but the springs used in their mattresses are made from high carbon-upcycled steel. Happsy mattresses contain no flame retardants and no glue or adhesives. If you’re unsure about the mattress, each come with a 120 day trial. If you decide to keep it, they come with a 20 year warranty! To make things sweeter, they’re partnered with 1% for the Planet!

My Green Mattress was founded by Tim Masters when his daughter was born with sensitive skin. After much research, they realized that using all-natural products could help alleviate her symptoms. All of their mattresses are handcrafted and packaged in La Grange Highlands, Illinois. All of their mattresses are made from organic cotton, wool, and latex, and are GOTS certified. They are also flame retardant and are compliant with California Proposition 65, which is also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. They about six different mattresses to choose from, including a crib mattress for your little ones! Each mattress comes with a 100 day trial period and a 25 year warranty.

Saatva is considered one of the more luxury brands of eco-friendly mattresses as many customers relate their mattress to that of high end mainstream brands. The mattresses are made with organic cotton that has been treated with antimicrobial protection, is flame retardant, and has coils made from recycled steel. The design of Saatva’s mattresses allow for the reduction of back and joint pain, and provide great back support. Because of this design, they have been approved by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, meaning they’re approved by chiropractors! So this is definitely a brand to look into if you do have back and joint issues. There’s only one mattress to choose from however, you can choose whether you want the mattress to be plush soft, luxury firm (their most popular and universal), or firm. Of course, you can also choose the size mattress you want. In addition, you can also purchase an adjustable bed frame, or regular bed frame and foundation for an additional cost.

Avocado Mattress is another great brand of eco-friendly mattresses! Their mattresses are made from organic cotton, wool, and latex, all GOTS certified. For those that would prefer a vegan mattress without wool, they also make those too! They offer a 1-year sleep trial, definitely a lot longer than other brands and provide a 25 year warranty!

Nest Bedding is a family owned mattress company that sells bedding directly from the factory. While you can still order online, if you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay, New York, Chicago, and Seattle, you can visit one of their stores and try the bedding out for yourself! Nest Bedding is organic and all natural. Their mattresses contain no flame retardants, instead using fabric woven with Hydrated Silica to act as a fire barrier. In addition to mattresses, they also sell furniture and sheets. All of their mattresses come with a 100 night trial and a lifetime warranty.

It’s so exciting to know that there are so many companies committed to creating eco-friendly versions of items that we normally wouldn’t think to make sustainable! While the above companies are just a few that I expanded on, below is a list of other fantastic companies that create eco-friendly mattresses! Just something to remember: buying a mattress is a huge commitment! Not every mattress is one size fits all. So while I’ve listed several companies that create these fantastic sustainable options, no one brand is better than the other! Since it’s such an investment, do more research into the brands. See what they have to offer and whether that fits your price range, aligns with your ideals, etc. And if you think you’ve found the right one but are still not sure, don’t forget that many of these companies offer sleep trial periods! Thanks for reading and happy sleeping!

Other Eco-Friendly Mattress Companies:


Cassie Nester
Cassie Nester
Mar 01, 2021

I love these types of posts. As I'm transitioning into buying more ethical products, this is invaluable information. Now I need to see if you've got a post for companies that men's boxers WITH flies! 😂


Feb 10, 2021

In the above list, I tried out the "Happsy" mattresses. But check out the "Haven" mattress as well. I bought it last year and it's still in good shape. Use "The Haven Bed coupons" to buy.

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