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Eco-friendly gifts for your friend who doesn't care about sustainability

We all know someone who could care less about eco-friendliness, but that doesn't mean that we can't give them that extra push. Here are some awesome and simple gifts for your friends who don't care about sustainability. 

Weighted Knit Blanket

Blankets are a must in every household, so what better gift than that? Bearaby’s weighted knit

blanket, which is soft and ideal during all times and seasons, has been known to aid people with sleeping troubles by stimulating serotonin. Bearaby offers this in four differing weights (15, 20, 25, 30 lbs) and eight colors, all made out of Fairtrade International Certified organic cotton, and is hand-knit, and filler-free. This brand uses only products that are recycled marine plastics, organic, biodegradable cotton, or fabric put through a closed-loop process from Eucalyptus wood. Not only is this an amazing gift for any and everyone, but Bearaby has also received Forest Stewardship Council and Global Recycled Standard certifications.

Cariloha Robe

After-shower comfort is needed for all, and Cariloha’s Robe gives you just that. This bamboo bathrobe is a perfect gift for any friends and family known for their love to lounge. The Cariloha brand has an extensive number of certifications and impressive ones at that. Cariloha devotes itself to using sustainable products (mainly bamboo) but ones that also consist of biodegradable contents. They also participate in a White Glove Service by removing and or disposing of their customers' older mattresses through recycling or charity donation. This soft and luxurious robe is an amazing gift to give for the holidays.

Wash Set

Any and everybody loves and uses body sprays… why not make it sustainable? By Humankind is a sustainable choice for those who need a little extra help. Their products are made of all-natural and sulfate-free ingredients and are packaged in refillable aluminum bottles furthering their eco-friendly practices. By Humankind offers two sets of washes with two different scents; they are the cool set which consists of a lavender shampoo, eucalyptus conditioner, and tea tree body wash, and the warm set which includes a grapefruit shampoo and conditioner, and bergamot body wash. The company strives to reduce single-use waste, and eliminate plastic waste from all products. They also provide aluminum and paper carriers for their products, one of which is refillable, and the other, compostable. And, By Humankind has been officially carbon-neutral since 2019.


Cute, stylish, and useful for late nights spent outside, Solight Design has a solar-powered lamp, prepared for your purchase. Solight Design’s lamp is easily foldable and light, allowing it to travel easily for your camping trips or backyard parties. The product can emit light for up to 8-12 hours, and takes 8 hours of sunlight to fully charge. Being solar-powered, the Solarpuff lamp requires no outside forces other than sunlight to function. The product is made out of both recyclable and biodegradable fabrics furthering their sustainability efforts. The company also uses a low-waste packaging system and donates 10% of all profit to charity. This cute and sustainable solar-powered lamp is a great gift for anyone who enjoys the luxury of the outdoors without electricity.

Filtering Water Bottle

Water on the go can always be a struggle, especially if you're an outdoorsy person, but Aquasana’s filtering water bottle solves all worries. With its reliant filtering system, the product has proven to reduce 99% of all lead, chlorine-resistant cysts, chlorine, and bacteria. Aquasana produces a stainless steel bottle that has an outside filtering system composed of recyclable and compostable parts backing their eco-friendliness efforts. If you have friends or family constantly on the go, then Aquasana’s filtering water bottle is the perfect gift for them.

Collapsible Cup

Collapsible cups may seem useless, yet the many perks to Stojo cups are too hard to ignore. The product is BPA-free, lead-free, leakproof, dishwasher safe, suitable for hot and cold, and made out of all recyclable materials. Whether it’s coffee or water, this collapsible cup is the most convenient dish one could possess. The Stojo company pushes for its sustainability practices and encourages other companies to do so as well. If you know of someone who hates the burden of keeping up with a big bottle, the collapsible cup is a great idea for them.


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