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blockin' the uv

Listen, the beach is great and all but there’s one thing that we should ALL be terrified of: sunburn. Not only does it hurt but if received too much, you can be at risk for one unkind battle with skin cancer. It’s all fun and games until one of us goes home looking like Larry the Lobster. Now, there are multiple items you can use to limit your exposure to the sun, one of which is a good old fashioned beach umbrella. This life saving invention is one that I use every time I attend the beach and one that I know will come in handy for all of you so here are five great sustainable companies to purchase your beach umbrella from! 


Founded by Aimee and Brad, Baskk was born in order to fulfill their goal of creating sustainable lifestyle essentials. The company’s goal is to elevate the outdoor experience while also promoting sustainability. Currently, $1 from every purchase goes toward an environmental enterprise. Additionally, the company has taken the initiative to partner with BSCI certified factories, use eco-friendly fabrics, and utilize recyclable packaging throughout their business. This awesome store can be found online at any time and is ready to help make your beach experience the best it can be. 



Founded only three years ago, Nadine Elske created Suntorini in hopes to make a positive impact on the world. Elske served as a professional pilot by trade and while traveling the world she realized the devastating effect that plastic has on the ocean. With this eye-opening experience, Elske decided to create Suntorini in hopes to make a difference on the sea habitats and the amount of waste that ends up in our oceans. Each product made by the company is produced with nature in mind. This company can be found online at any time so make sure to stop online and check it out. 

Sunday Supply Co

Next up is a boutique with many beach essentials that was founded in Australia in 2015. Sunday Supply Co’s goal is to create high quality designs inspired by the Australian cost while also protecting the environment. The company has partnered with OEKO-TEX which tests their materials to ensure they are 100% sustainable. They use the RPET and UPF 50+ fabrics in addition to their 100% timber umbrella poles. Additionally, the Sand Spade which is used in all umbrellas is BPA free, biodegradable, and made from 65% bamboo, 20% cornstarch, and 15% resin. Finally, all products are dyed in vegetable dyes and packaged in non treated and non waxed cardboard. This store can be found online but is also sold in retail stores around the world and has numerous local supply chains. 

Shibumi Shade 

Founded by Dans and Scott Barnes and Alex Slater, Shibumi Shade was created only eight years ago in order to make beach trips more effortless and joyful. The company began VERY small with the first ever product being made in Slater’s house on a standard sewing machine which was later tested in the sand. The umbrella quickly gained attention and such a company was born. The first summer in business only 32 products were made but since then, the numbers have skyrocketed. The three owners are dedicated to their mission of making the beach more effortless and joyful but also to making sure that the environment is protected. All company products are made from eco friendly and ocean bound recycled plastics. To brag more on the design, the umbrellas are UPF 30+ for sun protection, the piles are made from aluminum which makes them sturdy but still lightweight for transport, and finally they are very wind efficient. While Shibumi Shade is based out of North Carolina, their products can be found online or in multiple retail stores throughout the world so make sure to check out this awesome company. 

Natural Life 

Last but certainly not least in Natural Life. While Natural Life has other products, I can promise their umbrellas are top tier. The company began back in 1995 when owner Patti Hughes began selling items outside of her home basement. While Hughes began the company on her own, after three decades in business she found that her three daughters share the same passion and creativity that she has for the company. Now, Hughes and her daughters run the company together. The family’s goal is to inspire others to give back and live happily. In addition to supporting sustainability, the girls also implemented a “Fearless” collection in order to help educate, empower, and reduce the stigma around anxiety disorder. A percent of the proceeds from this collection go toward the JACK Mental Health Advocacy. Furthermore the company has also partnered with the Renewing Dignity group which was created in order to combat poverty. While the company headquarters reside in Florida, products can be found online or in retail stores at any time. 


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