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Sustainable PJs

Updated: May 23, 2020

Nothing makes me feel like I have my life together than a matching set of PJs… or even just a nice set of PJs in general. What I love about PJs is that they’re able to wear year round! Wear a light and breezy set for the hot summer nights; or a warm, cozy set for the cold winter nights (and days because let’s be honest, lounging in your PJs all day long is the best). Unfortunately many PJs are victims of fast fashion. While it’s not runway couture, PJs are never on the market long and are quickly phased out for new designs. Not to mention practically all mainstream PJs are made using non-sustainable materials and methods. Here’s a list of PJs that are not only cute but also made sustainably which makes them that much greater!

Onesies are not just for children anymore! This one by tentree comes with a full zipper and pockets… POCKETS! It also has their beautiful signature tree skyline design. This onesie is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. Plus, if you’re not familiar with tentree, they literally plant ten trees for every purchase made. They’ll even send you a metal token with a unique code to see where your tree was planted!

This pajama shirt by Ettitude is made from 70% recycled bamboo lyocell fabric and is infused with 30% bamboo charcoal. Lyocell is made from biodegradable and renewable cellulosic plants. This fabric makeup makes the shirt hypoallergenic, odor resistant, and prevents bacterial growth! Sustainable and super cute!

This pajama set by Reformation is super adorable and comes in two prints. This is the penultimate "I have my life together" pajama set style with the matching tops and bottoms. The pajamas are made from TENCEL Lyocell which comes from Eucalyptus trees. Production of this fiber only takes half an acre to produce a ton worth. It is also made in a closed-loop production, meaning that 99% of the non-toxic solvent is reused.

Let's be realistic. Not all of us have matching pajama sets nor do we need them. Sure it makes you feel organized in the moment but realistically it doesn't matter. If you're like me and you're simply looking for comfy clothing that can act as both lounge wear and sleepwear, check out Miakoda! The material ranges from organic cotton to organic bamboo. All of their materials are plant-based, vegan, and made using sustainable practices. Looking for a recommendation? Check out the high waisted jogger and the classic brami!

People Tree has a wide variety of sleep and lounge wear in different patterns and styles. What I love about their selection is that you can mix and match clothing styles yet have the same print! So if you really love a certain print but want both the night short and pant to interchange through the seasons, you can do just that! All of their clothing is made using organic cotton and the brand uses sustainable practices in their product development!

Looking for some other sustainable PJ brands? Check out these shops:


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